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Welcome to Newtown Sport & Performance Psychology

Sport & Performance Coaching

Newtown Sport works as a mental performance practice that specializes in working with athletes and performers in middle school, high school, college and beyond. We work to optimize performance, overcome mental blocks and bring the fun back into the game.

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We are here to answer your questions and share our philosphies and approach. Find out how you can rekindle your love of the game, overcome mental obstacles and perform at your best.

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who We Are

Newtown Sport & Performance Psychology focuses on identifying and applying psychological principles to facilitate peak performance, primarily in sport but also in the arts and business. Our mental performance coaches and sports psychologists work with individual clients and groups to manage performance anxiety and other challenges impacting their growth and success. To learn more, schedule a consultation with one of our coaches.

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Our Services

Sport Performance Psychology

Many athletes experience a variety of internal and external pressures affecting their performance on and off the field. Our goal is to help them deal with the pressure of competition, issues of performance anxiety, mental blocks and loss of confidence.

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Music & Stage Performance

At Newtown Sport & Performance Psychology, we understand that fear of public speaking and "stage fright" are in many ways no different than any kind of performance anxiety. Learning to embrace and manage fear and anxiety is the first step in developing a stronger, more confident presence on stage or at the podium.

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College Recruitment Guidance

We work with student athletes and their families to help them understand and navigate this exciting but sometimes confusing time in their lives. Let us join you on this journey and help guide the choices you will need to make to achieve your goals.

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Build a Cohesive Team Environment

Group Trainings

Group trainings for teams can provide athletes with tailored skills training, awareness around their group/team dynamics, and tools to foster a healthy, supportive and cohesive team environment.

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Teens & stress; balancing athletics, academics and a healthy lifestyle in high school

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Coaching today’s youth athlete

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Partnering with your student athlete to get the most out of their potential


What Our Clients Say

Every day our clients share their successes with us. Here are a few:

"I worked with Newtown Sport for three years of my college career as a Division I wrestler. They helped me find the love of the sport again, while also honing in on how to maximize my fullest potential as a college wrestler. Without them, I do not believe I would have been as successful as I was, nor do I feel that I would have completed all four years."

Division I College Wrestler

Newtown, Pa.

"Hitting a wall my freshman year and struggling to find the joy in my sport, and in life outside of the sport, I started to meet with Newtown Sport, who helped me 'cancel out the noise' and find the love of the game again. I am now a three-year starter at my college and love every day I find myself on the field."

Division III Lacrosse Player

Doylestown, Pa.

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