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Music & Stage Performance

At Newtown Sport & Performance Psychology, we understand that fear of public speaking and "stage fright" are in many ways no different than sports performance anxiety. Being told to "work through it" or "ignore the audience" is simply not helpful. In fact, dismissive comments can add to a performer's level of stress.

The truth is, fear and anxiety are normal and common responses to speaking and performing in public. It's part of human nature. It's what pumps us up to do our best. However, if you ignore these emotions instead of managing them in a healthy way, they can intensify and compromise your performances and diminish your overall well-being.

From the start, we tell our clients to be honest with themselves and realistic about expectations. They are going to experience fear and anxiety. It might feel a little or even very uncomfortable. Learning to embrace and manage these emotions is the first step in developing a stronger, more confident presence on stage or at the podium.

Why Individual Sessions?

You might think that the individual sessions are counter-intuitive when learning to manage this kind of performance anxiety. But by working one-on-one, at least at first, you can focus on what you really need to do to improve your mindset and handle any issues that may be impacting your emotional well-being and, ultimately, your performance.

At Newtown Sport & Performance Psychology, we tailor each session to our client's individual needs and give them the tools they need to leverage their emotions in a way that builds a stronger mind, body and soul.

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Performance Coaching

Some benefits of our approach

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Builds confidence Through Preparation

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Shifts the focus off of yourself

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Emphasizes the positive and Not all the Things That Could Go Wrong

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