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Nutrition for Performance

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in peak performance, whether on the playing field, at the office or throughout daily life. Our Registered Dietitian can help you create a plan to reach your fitness and sport goals, focusing on body composition, performance and recovery. The process starts with an extensive, in-depth nutrition assessment, from which we create a customized plan to meet your unique nutrient needs. We provide evidence-based nutrition education to help you better understand your body and how food affects performance and health markers.

At Newtown Sport, we understand the unique physical, psychological and emotional demands of being an athlete, from managing eating disorders, to dealing with body image issues, to understanding the best nutrition for your specific sport. Our team meets you where you are and provides you with the knowledge and support you need to work through barriers, and the strategies to help you feel prepared, perform better and recover faster.

Nutrition Services

Our nutrition services are designed to help athletes in these and other areas:

- Performance enhancement
- Recovery
- Body composition and weight goals
- Endurance or power sport nutrition specifics
- Nutrition for in-season and off-season training
- Eating disorder or disordered eating recovery
- Body image work

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Key Areas of Focus

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Nutritional performance

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Disordered eating

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Body Image

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