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Maddie Macdonald, MS, RD, LDN

Maddie Macdonald, MS, RD, LDN is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Ball State University. From there, she pursued her Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition from Rutgers University, where she also completed her clinical rotations for her Dietetic Internship at the VA hospital downtown Indianapolis, IN. Following graduate school, she worked for a wellness and therapeutic retreat, where she worked with a variety of individuals, both 1:1 and in a group settings, working on their relationship with food and body.

Her passion lies working with athletes struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image. Maddie currently holds her group fitness certification, where she can help people overcome barriers, disordered thoughts, and roadblocks with movement.

Athletic Background

Maddie started in athletics from a very young age. One of her first dance classes was acro, where her instructor kindly suggested going to a “real gym.” From there, she was enrolled into gymnastics classes starting at the age of 5, progressing to competition level very quickly. Maddie went on to pursue her gymnastics career at Ball State University, where she competed all four years at the Division 1 level. While at Ball State, she competed vault, bars, and floor for the Cardinals, helping them break numerous team and individual event school records.

Since ending her gymnastics career in 2020, she has enjoyed cheering on former teammates and universities as she works with athletes on their nutrition to optimize their performance. With such passion for athletics and sport performance, she has been able to give her whole heart to athletes who were in the same shoes she was.

Unique Perspective

Having been in athletics, specifically a sport that glorifies “perfection,” Maddie understands the demand for idealized body image and how it manifests itself into disordered eating. As she navigated her own journey with food and movement throughout her athletic career, she is able to relate and give athletes the knowledge they need to be successful, while working through limiting beliefs and barriers to eating. While using evidence based nutrition, she makes her athletes feel heard. Maddie knows the true value in having a support system throughout their entire journey.

Maddie has experience working with all athletes, including enhancing performance, disordered eating, eating disorders, body image, body composition goals, off season training, and endurance or power sports.