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Alyssa Earlen, MA

Alyssa Earlen, MA, is a Mental Performance Coach, Nutrition Coach, and Masters-Level Counselor. Alyssa received her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Rider University and her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rowan University. Alyssa completed her clinical internship at Bucks Support Services, where she provided individual counseling to children, adolescents, and adults experiencing disordered eating and eating disorders, body image concerns, self-esteem issues, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, and more. However, as a nutrition coach and professional bodybuilder, Alyssa recognizes the connection between mental health, nutrition, and sport performance. For this reason, she is passionate about helping athletes overcome these barriers to their sport performance, in addition to other obstacles including – but not limited to – high stress, perfectionism, and self-doubt. She also has experience in nutrition coaching with individuals looking to break free of disordered eating and find food freedom, heal their relationship with their body, improve their eating habits, enhance their performance, and achieve specific body composition/health and fitness goals. Alyssa will guide you towards living a fulfilled, empowering life and support you in navigating challenges as you work to find enjoyment even during the toughest moments, reach your highest potential as an individual and athlete, and maintain a healthy sport-life balance.

Athletic Background

Alyssa is a professional bodybuilder and competes in the bikini category at bodybuilding shows. However, her love for athletic performance began during childhood when she played soccer year-round until high school. While taking a break from team sports, Alyssa still wanted to continue her career as an athlete, so she turned to weightlifting. Throughout the years, Alyssa’s passion for weight training continued to grow, and because of this, as well as her love for performing in competitive sports, she pursued bodybuilding. In 2023, Alyssa received her pro card in bodybuilding She then went on to compete at the world championships, taking 4th place in her class. Additionally, Alyssa holds certifications as a Personal Trainer, Bodybuilding Specialist, and Fitness and Nutrition Coach.

Unique Perspective

Alyssa treats the client as a whole by focusing on their mind and body because how we nourish both has a direct impact on our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and performance. She often draws concepts from motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, dialectical-behavior therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy, but will always meet her clients where they are by utilizing the most appropriate techniques for their unique needs. Alyssa assists clients in creating positive change by recognizing their personal strengths, resulting in self-improvement, increased confidence, and peak performance. Due to her lived experiences with food, exercise, & body image issues, Alyssa can relate to her clients and reveal that a life free from the restraints of these burdens exists. She provides clients with the knowledge to overcome such challenges so their performance & well-being no longer suffers. By incorporating mental performance coaching, nutrition coaching, and mental health counseling concepts, Alyssa strives to help you learn how to better manage the day-to-day pressures that come from life and being an athlete. You will understand how to properly fuel your body & mind, while develop skills for self-talk, mental imagery, relaxation techniques/mindfulness, goal-setting, increasing motivation, and finding focus.