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501 Corporate Drive West, Langhorne, PA 18947

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David Hunt, MBA


David Hunt is a Professional Coach who has been providing coaching services to help individual executives and teams for more than 15 years. David enjoys helping people improve, whether in individual performance improvement or to enhance team cohesiveness and throughput. His goal for his clients/teams is to help turn good performance into great performance.

David’s dual Masters of Business Administration / Masters of Business Informatics provided the foundation for a career in software development in the technology services industry. He has developed extensive cross functional experience as a “serial” entrepreneur over a 20 year span. He has built a portfolio of successful web based businesses, founded a VC backed tech startup and currently owns and operates 4 small businesses. David balances his days working at Johnson & Johnson as a Director, overseeing teams of software developers.

Athletic Background

As a teen, David was a competitive runner. He enjoys fitness, taking indoor cycling classes and utilizing personal training. David acquired his Yoga teaching certification in 2017, and enjoys incorporating mindfulness practices into his coaching work.