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Jennifer Clark, MA


Jen is a Board-Certified Counselor, Certified Life and Career Coach, and Certified School Counselor. As a Mental Performance Coach, she utilizes her diverse background in order to authentically connect with each client, tailoring her approach to meet their unique needs and goals. She supports athletes ages 9 and up who are experiencing performance anxiety, lack of confidence, fear of making mistakes, limiting thoughts/beliefs, and overwhelming stress negatively impacting their ability to perform and enjoy their athletic experience. By strengthening mental skills and resiliency, she provides athletes with the necessary tools and processes to perform to their max potential, consistently compete at the highest level, and thrive through adversity both on and off the field. Jen also has a passion for supporting parents as they navigate the challenges of youth sports. The role a parent plays in an athlete’s career is powerful. Strengthening this relationship only amplifies and athlete’s growth and performance!

Athletic Background

Jennifer Clark, MA - Mental Performance Coach

Jen’s passion for competitive sports started at an early age. She started her athletic career as a four-sport athlete, competing in soccer, field hockey, basketball, and softball where she achieved All League Honors, MVP awards, as well as being named Student Athlete of the Year before going on to play soccer at John Carrol University. Shifting to the role of coach/parent, Jen has spent the past 20 years supporting four children as they pursued athletic goals in a multitude of sports. She truly understands the athletic experience from the athlete, parent and coach perspective. Jen still enjoys playing sports and learning new ways to challenge her body. You will find her in the gym weight training with her husband, playing pickleball, at yoga class, or taking long walks with her kids (furry ones included)! She strives to lead a balanced lifestyle that incorporates mindfulness and movement and hopes to inspire others to prioritize their mental wellbeing as they pursue their athletic goals at any age!

Unique Perspective

Jen’s easy-going and empathetic personality allows her to quickly create a genuine and safe space for clients to share their challenges. She embraces a holistic approach, utilizing solution focused, strength based and cognitive behavior therapies to help her clients choose a mindset, habits, and goals that align with personal values and aspirations.  Jen’s mission is to help athletes develop individualized tools and a strong mindset that will help set them up for success, reach their full potential, and achieve consistent elite performance in sport and in life.