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501 Corporate Drive West, Langhorne, PA 18947

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Fearlessly Fueled & Fulfilled

A Virtual Wellness Workshop

During this 7-week wellness workshop, we will review foundational knowledge on nourishment, food freedom, body image, stress management, movement, mindset & your relationship with yourself, and transforming your lifestyle. These 7 pillars will help you to form a deeper connection with yourself by learning to honor your body's needs, listen to your body and give it what it deserves. Together, we will explore ways for you to learn to work with your body rather than against it resulting in an inevitable healthier relationship with yourself.

Lead by: Alyssa Earlen MA, Mental Performance Coach, Fitness and Nutrition Coach, OCB Professional Bikini Bodybuilder & World Champ Qualifier

Join Us For this 7-Series Workshop

Tuesdays 6-7pm beginning March 19th

Full Series - $150
Individual workshops - $25 each

March 19 - Nourishment
March 26 - Food Freedom
April 2 - Body Image
April 9 - Stress Managment
April 16 - Movement
April 23 - Mindset & Your Relationship with Yourself
April 30 - Transforming Your Lifestyle